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Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Please walk your children inside at the start of their rehearsal. 

  • When collecting your child please wait at the door and be ready to collect your child at the pick up time. 

  • If running late please call or text Krystel on 0408 977 291. If you call and there is no answer, please send a text and she will keep your child inside until you come in and collect them.

  • As each group finishes rehearsal, the Directors (as always) will remind the children not to leave the building unless they can see their parents; if they walk to the door and can't see them, they must go back and wait inside with the other Teachers.

  • Teacher/s will be at the door when they are leaving to assist them. 

  • Please have discussions with your children so they are aware that if you are not there waiting at the door when they walk out, that they must go back inside and tell a Teacher. 

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